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Name:Festival Finder
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:All fandoms, all festivals, all year.

1. What is this community about?
Fandoms. And their festivals. And finding them.

2. Can I become a member of the comm?

3. Can I subscribe to the comm?

4. Can I post to the comm?

5. I’ve found a mistake in one of the entries. How do I get it fixed?
The best way is to comment directly to the entry so the OP can fix it.

6. My fandom is anime/comic/book/television/film and is thriving/pretty much dead. Can I link to its festival?
That would be fantastic.

7. I want to post an entry. How do I do it?
By following these very simple instructions:

i. Post the name in the fandom in the subject box. E.g. -
FANDOM: Stargate SG-1

ii. Post a link to the info page of the festival (delete *) and follow it up with the festival purpose. E.g. -
< *a href="">J/D Ficathon - Hosting the J/D Ficathon each year.

iii. Tag your entry with the following categories - fandom, signup, posting, site and type. If the festival is for a particular character or pairing, use or create the appropriate tags.

8. You left some pertinent information out of this F.A.Q. and/or I didn’t read it properly. How can I get in contact with you?
Leave me a comment here.

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